Quick check to know if there has been new movements or new editions after the given date

GET /api/yard/{yardId}/movement/check

If the last movement creation or edition happened exactly at the given date_start parameter, then no new_movements will be reported. The last movement creation or edition must happen after the given date


  • Specify effective organization_id for Admin and Group Organization Admins. This is a global header for all endpoints only taken into consideration when it makes sense (it won't be used in Auth, for example)

Path parameters

Query parameters


GET /api/yard/{yardId}/movement/check
curl \
 -X GET https://api-dev.gatego.io:443/api/yard/{yardId}/movement/check?date_start=2024-05-04T09%3A42%3A00%2B00%3A00
Response examples (200)
{"latest_update"=>"2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00", "new_movements"=>true}