Creates or updates a carrier

PUT /api/carrier

If a carrier is found by USDOT, SCAC or RFC (looked for in that order), it will be updated, otherwise a new carrier will be created


  • Specify effective organization_id for Admin and Group Organization Admins. This is a global header for all endpoints only taken into consideration when it makes sense (it won't be used in Auth, for example)




PUT /api/carrier
curl \
 -X PUT \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"address":"string","email":"string","fleet_id":"string","name":"string","rfc":"string","scac":"string","usdot":"string","yards":[{"authorized":true,"carrier_capacity":42,"yard_id":42}]}'
Request examples
# Headers

# Payload
  "address": "string",
  "email": "string",
  "fleet_id": "string",
  "name": "string",
  "rfc": "string",
  "scac": "string",
  "usdot": "string",
  "yards": [
      "authorized": true,
      "carrier_capacity": 42,
      "yard_id": 42
Response examples (200)
{"address"=>"string", "authorized"=>true, "created_at"=>"2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00", "created_by"=>"string", "email"=>"string", "fleet_id"=>"string", "id"=>42, "last_modified_at"=>"2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00", "last_modified_by"=>"string", "name"=>"string", "rfc"=>"string", "scac"=>"string", "usdot"=>"string", "yards"=>[{"authorized"=>true, "carrier_capacity"=>42, "yard_id"=>42}]}